Think & Grow Rich Lessons
John Wiser Smyrna, TN, United States

Posted: 2017-06-21

Think and Grow Rich Lessons - Chapter 9: Persistence

It is persistence that has landed me right here, typing this lesson... combined with direction from my Mastermind group, definiteness of purpose, and a strong DESIRE to succeed. 

"There is no substitute for persistence!"

There is really no substitute for persistence. Persistence has taken me to places that I would have never been without having the "never give up" attitude that I have cultivated in the past 10 years or so. 

I will speak on another one of my life experiences that involved persistence and my strong desire to succeed.

When I decided to get my degree in 2010.

Earlier in life, I had attended a University near my hometown. I mainly attended to play football, and I had done this after dropping out of high school and getting my GED. I hadn't played football in a  year or so, but just wanted to give it a shot. I was naturally gifted as an athlete, and never really had to work for it. In my early years as a teenager, I was quick to give up when things got hard and it carried over into my first college experience. I had walked onto a football program with just a GED and a decent ACT score. After an offseason of getting stronger, I began summer practice the following year and made my way to first team strong-side defensive end. Apparently, I did not appreciate it very much, and left school soon after in pursuit of something that I should have left alone...

Throughout most of my young adult life, I had never really had to WORK for anything. Things just came easy to me, and I didn't really understand... nor appreciate why they did. I took things for granted and found myself in a rough patch of life. I has gotten into trouble with the law and had several failed relationships, including 2 failed marriages... all before the age of 30.

If you had read my first lesson on persistence a few months back, you would have read how around the end of my bad days, I met my wife, Karla and it all changed... now, of course... it didn't change overnight. The persistence that I had adopted to win the love of my life was not forgotten when I decided that I would go back to school and achieve something that I had set out to do 20 years prior.

It worked out in a way that could be considered comical. I was on the phone with a help desk to fix a network issue at my house and I got so tired of being on hold for 2 hours that I hung up and said, "I am going to go back to school and learn computer science so I never have to rely on someone else to fix my stuff!!" And, two weeks later... I was starting school.

My son was a baby.. just turned a year old when I started. I was working full time, driving a truck delivering Red Bull. I would get up at 3:30, drive until 4-5pm and go straight to school until 9-10pm 4 nights a week. This went on for almost a year. Persistence is the only thing that got me through that first year! The law of attraction often answers our requests in the most obvious ways that just makes us stop and laugh, just as the following will do.

My neighbor that just moved in a few months after I started school, happened to be a manager for an IT shop in Nashville and was looking to hire an entry level technician. He and I built a good relationship and he hired me starting January 2011. All of these things manifested right in front of my eyes. Well, I started my 4th quarter of school, and decided that I was going to graduated early, and busted my tail to make it happen. I graduated in November of 2011 with a 4.0 GPA . co-valedictorian. Again, persistence drove me every step of the way.

Without persistence, a strong desire to receive my degree, and a definiteness of purpose to change my life... I would have stayed on the truck, delivering beverages. Instead, my Parents, my sisters, my wife, my step-daughter and my son... they got to see me take the walk that I never took in my life. They saw me take it to the limit and beyond, every single day. And now, when we look back... it was so worth it.

I started as a desktop support technician in 2011 and did that for about a year before being promoted to a Systems Administrator. I didn't really get to do much in that role before I was laid off from that company in 2013. In September of 2013, I was hired as a production engineer and learned an even more advanced set of skills earning almost double what I started at in 2011. I carried that role out until August 2016 and moved into a Business Analyst role with a major automobile manufacturer earning around triple of my entry level pay just 5 short years before. Three weeks ago, I was offered a position with a major hospital corporation as a security engineer earning well over 4 times my entry level pay. This new role has opened up a new life for my family and building my network marketing business.

Without persistence... NONE of this would exist. I am grateful, I am humbled and I am proud of everything that I have accomplished in a short time. I am no where near finished!

To anyone reading this that may think they CAN'T do it... I say, you are wrong... 17 years ago,  I was living in a motel and about 2 inches from death. ANYONE can do it.

Because YOU Are Worth It,
John Wiser