Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Robert Stamm Albany, NY, United States

Posted: 2017-06-18

Think and grow rich
*Faith is believing without seeing the physical being such as "God..."
A burning desire; a journey for family time; faith in yourself that you will accomplish everything by using positive self-talk; belief in what money can do and have fun; not just getting the money. Leadership is revealed daily in your company.  You need to make a declaration of intent to just do it and get over yourself.  Remind yourself of your Why?  What?  etc...  Visualizations are important especially in reference to your goals, etc...  A burning desire to inspire others to be themselves just as you are as a leader for your freedom of time; your time freedom.  Being tolerant without fear; be a dreamer, not a scorner who focuses just on negativity.  Making your dreams a reality depends on what you "think and do..."  Desire is a starting point with a state of mind of obsession that will bring riches.  Planning out our desire is extremely important.  How else will you accomplish your desire/goal(s)...  Don't be afraid of your "new" desires.  Just act upon them; work for them in any way shape or form.  Patience is also important especially when you receive "no, hang-ups, etc." on cold calls; just keep going and you will, in fact, be surprised when you receive a "yes, ..."  Don't be afraid of making calls; get over yourself and just do it!
The time to start dreaming is now.  Use visualizations to help you reach your goal.  From this, your desire needs to be over 100%.  Have a sub-desire within and a broader one; have a plan of action to accomplish this.  As Antonio (NYS Regional Sales Director) has said speak to at least 8 people (family and friends) to see what happens; trying to obtain at least 8 by the end of this month (June 2017) by helping other people do the best that can and benefit from the company itself.  The more people you help the more you reap/attain your desire...  Be with like-minded people.  They will have a positive effect on you.  Keep the momentum going and strive for the best that you and others can be, etc.  Seizing your own mind; then you have control over your own life.  Learn how to work our minds.  Desire is the first step.  Everybody can participate; they should be allowed to do just that. 
Chapter 2 - Gayle Tomlinson...  Willpower, energy, and effort put into your goals are important; they will become your burning desire, etc...  Colonel Sanders became a billionaire in his 80's after failure after failure...  A burning desire to be a cook of fried chicken when he was in his 50's turned him around selling it door to door; this rest became history...  KofC was born!  Every failure is a lesson learned as long as we don't give up!!!  Without our WHY? we're burnt toast!  All of our senses are involved in maintaining our burning desire to win.  Cut off your past negativities, etc.  Start fresh...  Visualize your desire and you will be more, and more excited about it.  Read ebook; Success in 10 Steps... it's a plan to use and do to be whatever we want.  Nothing is impossible; turn your liabilities into assets...  We have a choice to have success.  There is no end to possibilities.  Only self-suggestion has power; we repeat words and give them by through the use of self-talk.  Pay attention to the chatter; what are you telling yourself is the power; it's what we say to our self...  Example; believe in yourself and you can do it!!!  Wish for success and it will become your reality!  Make a decision to be "all in" to achieve your burning; plan out what you're going to do into steps to reach your goal and it will become a reality.  "Practical dreamers will have success!"  You're the most influential person in your life.  Have a set date ("WHEN") you will accomplish your goal.
We have the power to lead people to training but, it's up to them to do the rest; we can only help people do their best.  You need to have a definite goal, plan to obtain my riches, fixing to stick to the plan that you have chosen.  It is the shining life of riches...  Belief, faith, and persistence (desire) will make your burning desire come to life.  Repetition of positive self-talk is a must!  So, "get over yourself and just do it!"