Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2017-06-17

Intensity-How strong is your desire?

That is how lack of persistence can be overcome!!!

Weak desires=weak results.

Small amount of fire brings a small amount of heat.

Lack of persistence=weakness may be overcome by building a stronger fire under your desire.

DESIRE-How badly do you want success? Do you want it more than anything else?

Remember the good is always the enemy of the great. You have to give up the good so that tommorow you can have the great.

This means while the people who paid the price of planting seeds every day which were once the roots are enjoying the fruits while others are at work making their boss rich.

Do you really want to be the boss or do you want to have control and slavery by being bossed around where if you don't dress up to the T or spend two minutes on your computer you get the warning sign of a pink slip on your desk?

And are you really building your business? Are you focused on gathering a few customers and teaching others to do the same so everyone wins the game plus getting your downloads.

If not you got to ask yourself what are you putting up with thats holding you back and get rid of it because if you don't you are allowing an unwanted motorist to rent space in your garage. Just like one bad apple is strong enough to poison 12 good apples.

Now its up to you to grab the bull by the horn and take action!!! What do you want to accomplish in area of your life? Are you clear?

Persistence!! Big Stakes!! Accurate Knowledge!!!

Do you have a definite goal and a definite plan to accomplish your goal and are you ACTING on it? If you are not then you may as well be a benchwarmer sitting in the bleachers watching others get to the top, while you remain in the first grade forever.

Lawrence Bergfeld