Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Dawn Meyers Mullica Hill, NJ, United States

Posted: 2017-06-16

Chapter 9 Persistence
The Eighth Step toward Riches

I believe I am Persistent. But there are still things that stop me from what it is I really want and I do know what I want and I know I will get it. I will never give up on my Persistence.

I am always Persistent in my life by making sure my family gets everything they need. I have a son with Autism that can't speak and through Persistence, Progress is being made every day to make sure my son will live a normal life. What will also help with that is money and lots of it. The money will provide the necessary services my son will need that he can't learn otherwise from me. To set up a trust for him to live a comfortable life when I am no longer here.  

My older son has become an intelligent man with a goal in life to get what he wants. I was always Persistent in helping him with his education and self-confidence. He is graduating from high school on Saturday and will start college in the fall for computer science. This all needs to be paid for somehow and I will not give up on knowing I will be the one to pay for this. 

I have been Persistent in achieving my goals just not achieving them as I planned. I have worked countless days and nights on my network marketing business. I see countless people showing results and others struggling like me. I am not where I planned to be at this point in my life but there have been many factors that have made this impossible and many of them are listed in this chapter along with the lack of decision and many years of procrastination.

My husband and I own a business that we hire others to complete contracted work for us in the field of foreclosure clean up and maintenance. We are in our 3rd year and it has gone by so fast that I am left spinning like a top. There have been many decisions that had to be made. There are many things that need constant persistence to achieve and overcome. It is a mentally draining experience and one I plan to retire from once I am successful in Network Marketing. I plan to make it a business of helping others achieve their goals no matter what they are. You don't have to want to make money or start a business, Maybe you just need to learn how to live a happier life.   

We have come a long way with decision and persistence. many times needing to change our entire life situations to achieve the goal we planned for that certain situation in life. None of it was easy and it is yet to be completed. Nothing is completely achieved because there is always something else to strive for. So you always need to remain persistent and then learn consistency. 

The stories of the people in this chapter are amazing. My Grandmother was a big fan of Kate Smith and her music so to hear her story of Persistence. Without it, my Grandmother may have never heard her music. Plus the many men and women who just never gave up on what they wanted or needed.

I know that I will never give up on any of my dreams. I just need to learn to retrain my way of believing in myself and stop listening to the thoughts of others that want to see me fail at my dreams because they don't believe in trying to achieve their own. 

The word Desire was also explained. I have the desire to create the life others have been dreaming about. Instead of wishing, I had that kind of life I will be Willing that kind of life for me and everyone that wants it too. 

I am grateful and appreciate everything and everyone that is helping me to focus and not be a marketing junkie. I am learning a lot about myself and others I associate with. I can't wait to learn more about myself and learn to achieve the dreams that I have been chasing for years. I see then coming true. 

Thanks for reading my Lesson and I hope it helped you too.

Dawn Meyers

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes