Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2017-06-07

Jumper, jacket, shirts, shoes, socks, jeans, shorts, what do I need to bring to be organised for this holiday well we are off to New Zealand. It’s the middle of winter so will need jeans more than shorts, as well as a jumper and a jacket. We will need our passports to be in order to be able to go and travel, we need to book our tickets to go.

It takes planning to go on a trip and a holiday, when are we going, where are we going, what we are going to do on the trip even. We need to plan our business and what we are going to do to the same  degree, choosing what activities we are going to do to achieve our goals and dreams.

A plan has to be made to be a stay at home dad, run a business and its needing refinement and to be changed as needed. It also needs to be written down. That plan needs to include what You are going to give to achieve Your goal.

It’s like You are happy to help any network marketer offering free education and training, along with friendship through creating relationships and friends with those within Your own life working around Your current life. You do need to plan what You are going to give for achieving Your goal. You may be donating to charities, sponsoring kids through world vision, saying hello to those You pass, Sharing the book success in 10 steps, Sharing the mentoring for free teams skills training, sharing those lessons learned from life,

Giving donations of time and money to charities – doing volunteer work, supporting charities, helping to display at a local exhibition, buying someone a meal, complementing our partner, friends, opening doors.

Until now there have been so many areas that have been giving and just keep on giving  to, without a plan and written down towards that goal You aren’t aiming at a target at all. You are just shooting, it may be a goal of being that say at home parent, being able to buy Your family a home, buy someone a trip. You do need a plan to achieve that goal, its got to involve ok so how many people am I going to talk to or say hello to, extend the hand of friendship to, how many birthday greetings and all the rest You are going to do achieve Your own goal or dream. You need that plan.

Thank You to Linda and Michael dlouhy for Your ongoing love, support and encouragement, being there helping us all to become better. Thanks to my own mentor Ken Klemm for Your own inspiration, guidance and love. Thank You to my amazing wife Jenny for Your love, support and encouragement, helping me to be the best parent can be.

Your friend for life,

Wishing You a life full of health,

Big hugs

Ben Drake

West Ryde NSW Australia