Think & Grow Rich Lessons
walden Toews Mission, British Columbia, Canada

Posted: 2017-06-07

Organized Planning

    Plans to succeed, plans to make business work, plans to move ahead, plans to live successfully, plans, plans, plans.  Why do we lose, and why do we win? Why is there success, and why is there failure? Without definite plans we are hardly going anywhere of value, but if we have definite plans we are going to succeed. Success may not always be in the 1st try. Edison failed 10,000 times but he had a purpose, a definite plan, and definite goal.  A definite goal is the beginning. Definite plans of how to get to the goal, is even more important.

     A horse to ride, a vehicle to get there, a business to work at, a business that works and brings increase These are some of the blessings that we get from being involved with our mentoring group. Our mentoring group doesn’t give us these things,but it teaches us how to think and plan, in order to get them, not what to think and plan !!

    Since starting with mentoring for free I feel growth deep within. I feel the blood in the veins of my mind, my feelings, the way I think about things, my thought process, a clearer vision, it all flows differently. The colour of my blood may not be different, but I think the pH is higher….. this time PH meaning….. potentially healthier!!

     This is a great lesson. I am so blessed to be involved in planning in an organized fashion.

      Success to all:   Walden Toews