Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Christine Lewis-anderson Bronx, NY, USA

Posted: 2017-05-31

Chapter 6: Imagination

Imagination is the thing that helps us to survive and thrive. Without our imagination, some of us would have not come this far. We all need our imagination to succeed.


We all dream at sometime or other. We dream about a  future that is so bright. For example, the American Dream is to have a house with a car and two kids. Most of us have this goal in mind since

childhood. We also dream of being a doctor; a lawyer; an engineer or a policeman.


We dream of owning a mansion on the beach, in California too. We dream about traveling all around the world. We can do this by planes or cruise ships. This is what motivates us to go to school and get a job.


This motivation usually starts in kindergarten, when we learn to draw pictures. A lot of us really do know what we want to be. Oddly enough, a small percentage of us succeed. At the same time, many of us have

three careers in a lifetime.


We change careers as life happens. depending on our family situation, we may work to put ourselves through school. Others continue going to school until they get their profession. Many people fall through the

wayside, due to marriage, babies and so on.


In the end, it is our imagination that gets us where we really want to go. In other words, we start out imagining and visualizing a positive outcome. Later on we encounter hardships. Some have more than others.

The ones who repeatedly, pick themselves back up, get what they truly desire. Yes, that burning desire, coupled with imagination, helps us to keep the faith.


Thank you Linda and Michael Dlouhy and the MFF family :)