Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Bird Torrance, Ca, USA

Posted: 2017-05-31


Think & Grow Rich - Imagination the Workshop of the Mind - The Fifth Step Toward Riches


Napoleon Hill says “The Imagination is literally the workshop wherein all plans are created by Man


“Imagination is more powerful than Knowledge” …. By Albert Einstein


Mans Only limitation, within reason, lies in his development and use of his imagination


Wow all potent an unwavering Truisms the Chapter of Imagination has the ultimate secret to Think and Growing rich and spells out the clearly the process to convert desire into money/


First Dream... Dream it up... Dream big... Dream Wide.... Dream small.... Dream love.... Dream joy Dream elegance …Dream peace Dream whatever you want!!


Like the old 50's song says “Dream Dream Dream...when I want you ….all I have to do is dream...Dream dream dream,”


Walt Disney said “it all begins with your imagination if you can dream you can have it.” When you wish upon a Star your Dreams come true” …


Well almost! It takes some action and having been a life long Disney fan and admired the world he has created to dream again he made distinct plans with great detail and executed with daunting fervor to have them come alive


Dr. Hill says you must put your imagination to work at once to building a plan, or plans, for the transformation of your desire into money or its physical equivalent. Up until now in the book think and grow rich detailed instructions for the building of plans have been given in every chapter . But now we MUST reduce the plan to writing, if you have not done so


Read it aloud and you will have definitely concrete form to the intangible desire


Dreams, desire and Imagination without a concrete plan is fantasy … however the first part must be reduced to the statement of your desire and the plan for its realization to writing will actually be the the first series of steps, which will enable you to convert the thought into its physical counterpart.


That is a life lesson by Dr Hill


The outline described is so true and resonates with having of the things I want so much in my life. But how to get there has always been the question or endeavor The bottom line is how do I have this come true for me?


There has been much disappointment in life trying to get where I so much want to be and to experience and succeed in life challenges. Mostly to DO the RIGHT things to have my life work the way I want it


When Michael says “the reason you are not successful as it's not your fault” is so true …First the fact is that most people if asked “Don’t know what they want in our lives” most people cannot even say with any purpose and passion or imagination what they want. They use platitudes and things they have heard on TV or a movie or some politician during an election .. they shroud this in the so called American dream


But is that the real truth? or is it truly authentic? or simply is that me? .. I have spent much of my life painstakingly searching for who I am and how to make that happen and if it means something to me and those around me. The dark inner terror of what is my value? Am I worthy are very difficult places to be by myself. So I would survive acting Like I know when I really do not.


So I Look outward rather than trust inward Yes some of it is very much the propaganda of the so called American dream ...but do I dare to dream of something much more impactful with the use of my imagination? Where I could BE the man who effects a real change in others and has the courage French for “from the heart” to live my life with passion and purpose and leaving a positive legacy in my wake? To dream of how I can make the world and its lovely human beings better and able to say they learned how to use their imagination to make us all better and how to think and grow rich in our lives


Thanks to Mentoring For Free and Michael Dlouhy and the master mind friends who make this plausible and real to grasp each day I am begin dreaming again. The right way!!