Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Linda Ojutkangas Antigo, Wisconsin, United States

Posted: 2017-05-31

Chapter 6:  Imagination

Napoleon Hill said, “It has been said that man can create anything which he can imagine.”  I have always been a dreamer.  I could imagine stories and scenarios in my head.  In fact, I would go to these places in my mind when life got me down.  It was an escape for me.  There have been times when I wondered if I should be a writer.

But you see, the stories I created were dreams, an escape.  It wasn’t until I started the Think and Grow Rich lessons that I began to realize that my dreams could come true!  Suddenly, my thoughts took a different turn.  I did not want to waste my thoughts on an escape mechanism.  I knew that I needed to turn my thoughts, my imagination to what I truly desired.

So, today, I use my imagination and creativity in a different way.  I envision the time when I will give my notice at my day job.  This is not just a thought it is a creative story inside my head.  I SEE the workplace and my boss.  I hear myself giving my two-weeks notice.  In this scenario, I am joyful and happy and kind. 

I also envision building my new home.  Finding my dream home online, I memorized the layout.  I SEE it decorated the way I want it.  I imagine moving into this home with my Dad.  This story continues on in my imagination, as I SEE myself opening my home to relatives and friends. 

No longer are my thoughts and stories an escape mechanism for me.  They are very REAL to me.  I KNOW they are coming.

I SEE the money in my bank account.  I SEE myself helping others to reach their goals.  Today, I am so very happy that I have always been a dreamer. 

Thank you to my mentor, John Wiser, Michael and Linda Dlouhy, and the rest of our mastermind group!  Each of you played a huge part in helping me to channel my dreams and visions into reality!


To Our Success,

Linda O.