Think & Grow Rich Lessons
John Wiser Smyrna, TN, United States

Posted: 2017-05-31

Think and Grow Rich Lessons - Chapter 6: Imagination

One thing that kept my dreams alive through some rough times in my adult life, is my imagination. Without my imagination, my ambitions would be non-existent and complacency would have surely overtaken me into a world of mediocrity.

"It has been said that man can create anything which he can imagine."

You CAN create anything which you imagine. Think about all of the amazing inventions over the past 150 years that have totally reshaped our civlilaztion. The automobile for one, the airplane, the communication methods in which I am sending this lesson! Without imagination, mankind would still be writing on cave walls and fighting to survive the elements, common colds and fierce beasts. The imagination of "ordinary" men has totally sculpted the world in which we live.

On a personal level - In the most recent months, my imagination has been my ally in seeking and attracting brilliant leaders to become my partners in business. Nothing I have done is written out, or explained anywhere. No, my strongest desire has been to attract and help folks just like myself. In allowing this desire to become auto-suggestion, my creative imagination is given new ideas from infinite intelligence which has been my number one resource for growing and helping others in my short time with our system. Am I special because this happens? Not at all, it's merely applying the principles laid out for us in Think and Grow Rich along with practicing the "feel good method" that I have so called it. If something I am doing "feels good" ( I am not taking away from others, huring anyone, cheating, lying stealing, etc.) then I continue. If it does not feel good in any way, I back track and move to what does. This may sound a bit cuckoo, but it works for me!

All can be summarized in this phrase "...definiteness of purpose takes on animation, life, and power when backed by a burning desire to translate that purpose into its material equivilent."

Stay focused and creative - Be open to your impulses - Don't second guess your instinct - Allow your desires to manifest!

Because YOU Are Worth It,
John Wiser