Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Rick Burnett Spanish Fort, Alabama, USA

Posted: 2017-05-31

We have all had ideas but the difference between ours and the tangible ones that manifested like Facebook, Apple, Coca Cola, Dell and so many others were that the Jobs, Zuckerbergs, Asa Candlers, Michael Dells made a DECISION and ACTED on theirs. Even though others may have told them they were crazy or that would never work. They saw a need and went for it. And they persisted until it came into fruition. They visualized it until it was so real and  became a part of them as evidenced by Gunsaulus when he forgot his notes. He never even missed them. We all had such huge imaginations as a child. What happened? They naysayers told us it would never work or how ridiculous that was or put us down in some way until it was nearly gone and replaced by self limiting beliefs. 


This journey with personal development is allowing me to begin to dream again and without it that would not be possible. I can’t say thanks enough for Linda and Michael Dlouhy for providing this platform to pick up where we might have left off as a kid. I love Michaels story of how he heard his Mothers negative voice while driving but firmly rejected it and it went away. 


Thanks to all my mastermind friends and I do mean friends because the longer I am in this program the more like family you all become to me. I do enjoy being able to read your lessons and soak in the extra wisdom that I could not on my own. Thoughts are truly things!


Rick Burnett

Spanish Fort, Al