Think & Grow Rich Lessons
George Freelen Livingston, TX, US

Posted: 2017-05-30


Chapeter 6


Trom the Book:  "Think & Grow Rich"   by  Napoleon Hill

I would like to relate a story about using my Imagination. When I was a young boy of about 5 years of age, I used my imagination to physically manifest a desire I had for a Long Ranger Outfit.

I was one of five children in a very poor family living on a farm in west Texas. My father was a share cropper on a cotton farm. It was challenging times to make ends meet. The family had very little money. All the money went for food and shelter.

Christmas was coming and I had a burning desire for a Long Ranger outfit for Christmas. Through my imagination, I could see and feel that Long Ranger outfit on Christmas Day. I held in my imagination mental pictures of me waring and playing in that outfit. I did not know that we were poor and could not afford it. I did not know that four other brothers and sisters wanted things for Christmas that they could not have. All I remember is that in my imagination I could see and feel me in that outfit. My mother said I would go to sleep at night with a picture of it in my hand.

On Christmas morning, I got up before everyone else, before daybreak and found the Longer Ranger Outfit. I put on the hat, the mask, the gun and holster went outside to play and do the things that the Long Ranger would do. Seventy-two year later, I can still see the little boy outside in the yard, in the dark playing with that outfit.

Through the faculty of creative imagination, the infinite mind of man has direct communication with Infinite Intelligence.  The creative imagination works automatically we can obtain a Long Ranger Outfit or ANYTHING else we desire by proper use of our conscious mind. By studying Think and Grow Rich I now understand how we can influence our imagination through desire, auto-suggestion and our subconscious mind. We are a spiritual being living in a physical body.


George Freelen

San Antonio, Texas