Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Gayle Tomlinson Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 2017-05-30

Gayle Tomlinson, Toronto Ontario, Canada

Think and Grow Rich

Chapter 6 - Imagination


What is creative imagination?  The finite mind of man has direct communication with Infinite Intelligence.  Everything begins with desire.  Our desires lie in our imagination.

This is my story of how I used my creative imagination to manifest a bedroom set that I fell in love with on the front cover of a booklet in the 70’s. 

Years ago I received a booklet in the mail from DeBoers which is a high end furniture store.  On the cover of the booklet was the most beautiful black lacquered Italian bedroom set.  It gave me goose bumps.  Even though it was way out of my price range I knew that one day it would be mine.  

In my imagination I created a home and took my burning desire (the bedroom set) mixed it with faith and belief.  I added the paint colour, the pictures on the wall, and the colour of the linens.  All along I was using self-talk.  It was so natural to me and at that time I didn’t realize what I was creating for myself.

About two years later I got married and my husband bought the black lacquered bedroom set for me.  I just knew I wanted to have it, but I didn’t know how it would manifest.   When we really desire a thing so deeply eventually it does manifest itself into physical reality.