Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Mervyn Drury Casey, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Posted: 2017-05-29

Chapter 6 Imagination


The Fifth Step toward Riches

Imagination is that part of the Mind which creates the pictures of our dreams, ideas and hunches. A cardboard box in a child’s mind becomes a car, an aeroplane, a house in which a girl becomes a mum looking after her children (dolls). Other objects in a child’s imagination become many other things. As a child I created garages and house out of crevices in the rock walls around our garden.

Hill tells us that anything a man can conceive (picture) he can achieve. I believe this to be true. I once conceived a model train layout; unfortunately it would not fit into any room in the house, so I envisage it being housed in the Garage and able to be lowered by a system of pulleys when I wished to play with it. It was built and worked very well and allowed cars and model trains to co-exist.

There are two systems of imagination, Synthetic and Creative. Synthetic Imagination builds on previous plans, ideas and actual objects by rearrangement of the same. Architects and Engineers use this as a basis for the design of a new house or machine. The model railway layout, together with buildings was a rearrangement of existing track layouts, scenic objects, and buildings mounted on a supporting base board. The means of raising and lowering the whole whilst employing some existing parts required the use of creative imagination in the overall system of hoists and motors.

A fashion designer relies on synthetic imagination as a starting point for a new dress or fashion style but then using creative imagination to transform the dress or style into something through various picture changes, as their imagination works to obtain the final creation.

In Chapter two we are told that we should envisage ourselves in possession of what we passionately desire. This may involve the writing of a cheque to ourselves; from the Universe, for the money we are desirous of having (riches). It could be a new house or car, again we should obtain a picture as close as possible to that which we are seeking and place it on a vision board so that it is looked at every time we sit at our desk or walk past the fridge. If you are seeking to obtain a higher level in your company take a picture of someone being presented with the pin of that level and superimpose your picture.

Thank you to all the Minds who form this Master Mind Group and the different interpretations of each chapter which come from that person Imagination.

Mervyn Drury

Case, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.