Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Nathan Grimes Lubbock, TX, United States

Posted: 2017-05-28


“Man’s only limitation, within reason, lies in his development and
use of his imagination.”  Napoleon Hill

Hill mention that imagination comes in two forms. First the synthetic
form, working with concepts, ideas or plans already in existence in
new and different ways creating something new. Secondly, the creative
form working with the hunches, inspirations, dreams and visions which
flow from God, the subconscious mind and the minds of others by means
of the ether.

“Transformation of the intangible impulse, of DESIRE, into the tangible
reality, of MONEY, calls for the use of a plan, or plans. These plans
must be formed with the aid of the imagination, and mainly, with the
synthetic faculty.”

Desire is only a thought, an impulse often vague and here but a short
time . It is but an abstract with no value, until it has been transformed
into its physical counterpart. It is in stirring of desire with faith,
self-talk and positive emotions that we can reach out to Infinite
Intelligence and ether surrounding us to ignite the imagination within each
pf us.

“Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes. Ideas are products of the

They were an old kettle and the wooden paddle, and a secret message on a
slip of paper. The strange performance of that kettle began to take place
only after the new owner mixed the secret instructions with imagination.
Asa Candler looked at those ordinary household objections before him and
the ingredients on paper in his hand and mixed in the imagination of what
it could be. He put his money on the table and never looked back. Now for
131 years Coca-Cola is a brand know around the world. It started with

I was intrigued and challenged a few weeks back when Michael Dlouhy read the
message that placed the amount $100,000,000 in asset on the table. I started
allowing my imagination to ignite. How, What, Who, Where?  I felt freedom,
joy, peace and blessing. A happiness was being on the journey and sharing it
with as many who want to come with me.

Linda and Michael Dlouhy thanks for opening the vision for me and wakening
the imagination within me. Bob Shoaf for your support thanks. To those voices
on the weekly calls and wisdom shared my deepest gratitude.

Nathan Grimes
Lubbock, TX USA

PS: Thank you, thank you for everyone who download the e-Book “Success in
10 Steps” and allows me to grow my mastermind group.