Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Liz Pimenta Portimao, Algarve, Portugal

Posted: 2017-05-26

Wow, that was amazing! It was the first time I read that chapter and it really did hit close to home. Not because I have a million dollars - not yet anyway - but, I've been able to make things happen in my life just by thinking of them and telling people about them. My most recent idea was to move to another country...and we did! In less than 6 months, we changed our lives. For the better I might add. 

This notion that you can create what you want by thinking of it, seeing it and feeling it is so true it's almost unreal. But it's as real as being able to use your own energy for healing, it's like magic. I'm working towards getting that million and I think I've found a couple great paths to getting me there ;-) 

I'm excited about learning more and making my idea come to fruition. Special shout out to Pj, Jean, Michael and Tony. You're all a part of my journey.