Think & Grow Rich Lessons
walden Toews Mission, British Columbia, Canada

Posted: 2017-05-18

    I wanted to make a self talk that would draw in and attract the very things that I need and want.

    I want to be a true leader, and attract coachable leaders into my networking team. I am working daily on my own coachableness.

    Often we find ourselves in circumstances not pleasant,but Hill says that we can attract the circumstances that we want, so I will attract opportunity circumstances.

    And then there are the true riches of life.

To have a deep close relationship with my wife and family.

A relationship of warmth and caring.

To have a deep sense of worth and value and belonging.

To have true love for all people,and to see their potential.

To be able to hear their desires and their needs.

To be healthy, to live healthy, to look healthy, to act healthy,

To live a rich rewarding life.

To have a sound mind, and soundness of speech.

To have a deep love for the truth.

To be filled with gratefulness and thanksgiving.

To have a deep desire for peace and quietness.

To be able to know what I need to focus on.

To have an open mind to the things that I can not see so clear.

To be able to have an open heart and mind, to be teachable and truly coachable.

To have enough money to:  pay all my bills, to live comfortably, to share with others and freely give, to never worry about how will I make it go around.

   Then I thought of focus. Focussing my thoughts, focussing on my purpose, focussing on my goal.

I thought, what are my dominating thoughts? I wanted them to be constructive. I wanted them to be up building. I wanted to do critical thinking.

    Being so Green, I spend a lot of time thinking about how to do what I need to do, and want to do.

When, after listening to one of the calls, the other day, I realized I need to spend a lot more time thinking about my goal instead of what I have to all do to get what I want.

Reach for my deepest desires and the path will show itself.

    So I began to formulate:

    I'm attracting coachable leaders, opportunity circumstances, and life's true riches, through my dominating, constructive, and my upbuilding, focused, and critical thinking.


    I’m attracting life’s true riches, opportunity filled circumstances, and coachable leaders, through my constructive, critical thinking.

Walden Toews