Think & Grow Rich Lessons
John Wiser Smyrna, TN, United States

Posted: 2017-05-16

Think and Grow Rich - Chapter 4: Auto-Suggestion

While this chapter is such a great instructional on how to manifest our desires through speaking to our subconscious, the one element that stands out the most is EMOTION!

"Plain, unemotional words do not influence the subconscious mind."

This is so true. It is not unlike saying wedding vows or giving an oath to protect. Simply saying the words will not suffice. When we sit in our quiet place and begin our steps of auto-suggestion, we must not focus on the words that we say. Instead, we must focus on the joy of the JOURNEY of achieving our desires in physical form. Not long ago, I redesigned my desire from one number to an even greater number. Some people would think I am nuts for stating aloud each day that I am thankful that I have one hundred million dollars in my bank account. However, I do not. I say this and when I do, I have an amazing flow of joy and great feelings. I do not feel this way because the money magically appears in my account. No, I become joyful because I see all of the wonderful people that come into my life and the adventures that I am encountering on the journey of obtaining this money. I didn't choose this amount because I just want to open my account to just stare at it and drool... not at all, I chose this amount to give myself freedom and my children freedom to follow their own dreams and ambitions to be whatever it is their heart desires.

I see my children on the journey to greatness and my heart smiles so bright, that I do not focus on HOW I will achieve this money. Instead, I have taken myself to a place of receiving. Receiving the ideas, the "random" people that walk into my life, the path that is what I refer to as the path of least resistance. By invoking auto-suggestion, the path lights up with everything that we need to hold our desires in our hands. 

We must do our best to avoid the resistance that blocks the manifestation. Resistance sneaks in, in the form of lack. Often, we focus on what we do not have, and the law of attraction doesn't know the difference in what we do not want or what we do want. It only sends into our lives the things in which we magify through thought. This takes practice, and the best way I have found to remove resistance is to plant the desire with my auto-suggestion and let it go... only focusing on how I feel as if I already possess the things that I desire.

When you speak your desires, and go through your steps, smile and feel that amazing feeling of achievement. Most importantly, understand that must not attempt to achieve anything we desire on our own. What fun is it to have everything you want, and no one to share it with??!!

There is no doubt in my mind that I have what I speak and what I think. I do work at this daily and each day, more an more cooperative components find their way into my life. This journey is meant to be fun, and full of life. Have fun on your journey, give love and life to everyone and everything that you encounter. This is what true riches is all about!

Because YOU Are Worth It,
John Wiser