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John Smith Gloucester, Gloucestershire, UK

Posted: 2017-05-16


The Third Step toward Riches

This chapter contains a simple set of instructions on using the power of auto-suggestion to achieve whatever future lifestyle* we wish for ourselves and those we care for.

(*Life – is what we all get; STYLE is how we CHOOSE to live it.)

Mr Hill tells us “NO THOUGHT, whether it be negative or positive, CAN ENTER THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND WITHOUT THE AID OF THE PRINCIPLE OF AUTO-SUGGESTION (self-talk), except for thoughts picked up from the ether.”  Stated differently, all impressions received through the five senses, are stopped by the CONSCIOUS thinking mind, and may be either passed on to the subconscious mind, or rejected, at will. The conscious faculty serves, therefore, as an outer-guard to the approach of the subconscious.

Remember what has been said previously about the subconscious mind being like a fertile garden where something MUST grow and like any garden if we do nothing, weeds quickly appear and thrive but by choosing to plant quality seed and regular tending the same garden will produce wonderful results and provide the visin we planned for.

By referring to the chapter on DESIRE, Mr. Hill also provides the basic operating manual for successfully using the principle of uto-suggestion to effectively obtain the future we want and deserve; to read ALOUD twice daily the WRITTEN statement of your DESIRE and to SEE AND FEEL yourself ALREADY in possession of the object oy that desire! By following these instructions, you communicate the object of your DESIRE directly to your SUBCONSCIOUS mind in a spirit of absolute FAITH.

At Mentoring for Free we know this process as our Daily Self-Talk, we also know repeating our self-talk many times daily, mixed with a healthy dollop of DESIRE, FAITH, BELIEF and IMAGINATION will help speed up results because we simply leave no room for negative thoughts to sneak into our mental garden.

We all know that despite what some business opportunity promoters might tell us, in reality the  World of something for nothing doesn't exist so, even if it takes a while to be able to properly control this process, we just need just keep the faith, accept the fact it works for everyone who perseveres and keep practicing.

John Smith - Gloucester UK