Think & Grow Rich Lessons
robert tucker Bay Point, California, United States

Posted: 2017-05-16


I like this topic it's a very good opportunity towards your future and reaching your goals.

Autosuggestion  is wonderful way in getting your subconscious into action, using Self-

suggestion using the five senses. This covers all suggestions and self -administered

stimuli which reach the mind using the five senses. We as humans have a wonderful

opportunity to have control of what we think about and how we send these thoughts

to the subconscious mind. I was told once when I was very young that our minds are

like a garden what we put there we will grow wonderful opportunities or something that

we don't want in life. Here this truth still remains if we send negative thoughts to our

subconscoius mind we will grow weeds and other things that can be a problem for our

lives when we use the wrong things for our success.


Autosuggestuion  is that one thing we need to to build and feed the subconscious

mind to help us become successful when we voluntarily feed it the right information

when we have a desire to reach success in a creative way of winning our dreams,and

we can bring on a problem when we send something negative to the subconscious

mind, we don't need this we must always keep this area of our mind as a rich garden

to keep a healthy mind..


We should never let our emotions get the best of us just because things don't work

right for a goal we set sometimes the timing is not right, the chapter says there is no

such thing as something for nothing,you must be fare at what you do if it's about reaching

your goals set.You can't be unfair to your subconscious mind remember it's a rich garden

we must be careful what we send to it. There are six steps to Stimulate you subconscoius

mind without letting your emotions get carried away when things seems slow at achieving

your goal for success we must practice them when the opportunity comes always remember

if we be fair we can win. 'Every adversity, every failure and every heartache carries with it

the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit." Very good topic.

Robert Tucker Bay Point Ca, United States