Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Robert Stamm Albany, NY, United States

Posted: 2017-05-16

The other day I was put on "auto-pilot" so to speak.  I was taken off guard and was asked to do a poem for Ladies day this Sat. at our church.  And, to present it as well...  From what I've learned here, auto-suggestions flooded my brain until I suddenly stopped and a tiny, wee thought popped into my mind.  I was coloring madly and trying to create a poem at the same time.  Then it dawned on me to stop and think back to when I was on and use a poem that I already had written that fit the theme of our Ladies day at church this upcoming Sat.  The next thing I knew I was off and running and remembered my power point skills (another auto-suggestion) and put my already written poem into a power point presentation in less than 15minutes...  What an amazing feeling.  Now I just have to show up to Ladies day with my flash drive, introduce myself and start the presentation of my poem.  And, as for Bob, well he has to sit at the sign-in table just outside the presentation room...  Deb Stamm, Bob's wife...

The above is an example of what we'd do now in our quest to make money in our business.  According to the lesson on "auto-suggestion"  it seems like we need to not only use what we know and act upon it but, also use the power of auto-suggestion to increase our subconscious ability to act upon what we need to do at any given opportunity to make money.  Using pictures, positive sayings posted around the house, among other things, give us the ability to use the lesson presented here.  Deb and Bob Stamm