Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Marcel Schmidt Thunderbay, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 2017-05-11


The Second Step toward Riches

When I think about faith I always think back to a time in my life when I had no faith.

This was about 32 years ago and i got to a point in my life where I had to believe in something 

other than mysel or probably die or worse yet go insane.

What I did back then was get down on my knees and ask for help from a GOD I didn't believe in and an amazing thing happened.

I began to change and the people in my life noticed the change for the better and commeneted on it.

As for succeeding in life as an entrepreneur in the MLM industry unfortunately my friends and family don't believe.

To develope my faith into a why that makes me cry I say my self talk over and over every day at least 500 times daily.

I have my 6 steps of what I want to accomplish printed out and I say it out loud twice daily.

I take part in most of the calls and always the TGR calls and post my lesson weekly.

I talk with my sponsors and mentors Bob Shoaf, Michael Dloughy,Tuula Rands, and Steve Portor  on a daily or weekly basis 

and I watch what they are doing. Faith without works is dead.

So my point is by asking for advice and listening to it and better yet by giving it a try I am developing more and more faith.

I am becoming more and more focused on my desire.

Thanks to Linda and Michael Dloughy for creating Mentoring for Free 

Marcel Schmidt