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Adam Rizk Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Posted: 2017-05-10



The First Step Toward Riches Begins With Faith In Our Desire

“WHEN Edwin C. Barnes climbed down from the freight train in Orange, N. J., more than thirty years ago, he may have resembled a tramp, but his thoughts were those of a king”!

Edwin C. Barnes had no self esteem problems in his realization that he would have to change his way of what he wore and address his hygiene before he even met Mr. Edison. Can we all not picture him using a Bathing House to clean himself up and dress in his best from what was in his possession. He also had no self esteem issues to realize that once his face to face portrayed his seriousness in working for and eventually with Thomas Edison, he knew he would do whatever is dictated at him to do no matter how mundane. Think about this for a minute: 1) He jumped onto a freight train car from Chicago to Orange, a 776 Mi journey; 2) He was laughed at by Edison’s staff for his declaration of partnership; 3) His first job at Edison Labs was as a floor sweeper; 4) Within 5 years he was selling the Ediphone (Edison Dictating Machine) exclusively because his proposals of marketing and sales plans were so well liked by Edison; 5) He started a Edwin C. Barnes & Bros. in his beloved Chicago and its surrounding areas, then New York, then St. Louis, and so on down the eastern seaboard and Midwest he covered before heading westward.

Eventually he became multi millionaire and philanthropist by age 39. He was one of the youngest multi-millionaires all with in a10 year span. (1905 -15) His mental strength was his faith in his desire that was unextinguishable & always guided with these points of views that gave him his self made status:

  • He knew what he wanted to accomplish;
  • He concentrated his energy on his chosen goals and avoided “time wasters”;
  • He used the power of imagination to circumvent difficulties;
  • He was willing to start at the “bottom” in order to gain know how and exposure;
  • He created and seized opportunities;
  • He maintained a dogged determination to transform his goals into reality;
  • He worked long hours with concentrated energy for many years to get what he wanted;
  • He talked relatively little and produced big;
  • He was not deterred by ridicule, criticism, setbacks, or obstacles;
  • He made ideas happen;
  • In alignment with his goals, he found a way to help other people become more successful;
  • He made himself invaluable in his work – so much that Edison couldn't get along without him;
  • He was committed to providing his customers with top service;
  • He selected the right people and inspired his teams to greatness;
  • He learned everything he could about his chosen line of work.

“Thoughts are things” said Napoleon Hill. Thinking things relevant to what is needed & wanted to be accomplished so badly that it makes us shiver just imagining what the true outcome looks like to any of us at that moment. Barnes, hadn’t seen his true outcome the way he envisioned; he did notice the opportunity to be “in business” with Edison as Edison rolled out the ediphone from factory line to his sales force. His salesman balked, then some refused to sell it and continue selling old products, others left because they feared the demise of the company by the ediphone, but not Barnes! Remember, he had beforehand prepared the business plan at home in his spare time. He had written a “hit” with Edison, and the next day he was given off. So what do you think he went and did? He incorporated his business; Edwin C. Barnes & Bros. He returned to work like in usual laborious routine, then when he received his documents of incorporation, Edison held his word and had a contract of exclusivity ready for Barnes to sign, which he PROUDLY DID!! 10 years before he was laughed at in humiliation, and those who did and were still there, most likely hung their heads low, and some most likely wished him to failure. “Laws Of Success” formed beautifully!


Think & Grow Rich,

Adam Rizk; Network Marketing Coach

Owner of TRAIN-INC