Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Wesley McGuire Elbert, CO, United States

Posted: 2017-05-10

In our chapter for the week Mr. Hill wrote on faith.  Being a man of what I would consider a strong solid faith, I was greatly perplexed and confused because Mr. Hill emphasizes faith in clear desires.  My confusion, clearly a battle between those proverbial "two wolves" on my shoulders and in my soul, is rooted in a strong religious faith that teaches one cannot have desires.  I was taught desires are selfish and desires are to be surrendered for the good of others.  While I still believe a person can indeed be absolutely selfish and self centered, I am a work in progress, no longer desirng to practice a faith that tells me I cannot have desires.  All desires are not selfish.

Let me elaborate briefly.  Hopefully this will help some and challenge others all in a very positive way.

I believe all people are religious because RELIGION is most often defined in two ways.  According to the Oxford dictionary RELIGION is a belief in a higher, supreme being.  And secondly religion is simply a system of beliefs.  Ones system of beliefs often shows who their higher, divine power is.

So I believe everyone has placed their faith in someone as a Divine Power which directs and forms their system of beliefs, or religion.  That Divine Power is a choice between Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad or others and often self (believing in no God/god is also a religion, hence a system of belief).  It is highly important who you place your faith in as a Divine being who directs your system of beliefs because it directly impacts the course of life and eternal destiny.  So we need to get it right!

We, rather, I need to get something else right because it also directly impact the course of life.  I am meditating on another concept because of Mr Hill's emphasis on faith in clear desires.  It is true that everyone has placed their faith in a divine being which determines our religion, our system of beliefs.  It is just a matter of WHO that divine being is.  Is it also true that everyone has placed faith in a system of desires?  Doesn't it just depends on WHAT those desires are?  Doesn't it just depend on whether those desires are self empowering and life enriching or self sabotaging and self limiting and defeating?

Further, think about it, can a person really be faithless?  Can a person really be desireless?  Everyone has faith, it just depends on who, where that faith is placed.  Everyone has desires, it just depends on how those desires are defined.  At least that's my humble opinion.  I need to focus on redefining my desires!

In a conversation with Bob Shoaf recently, by phone or text I fail to remember, I clearly stated I am confused because I really can't define clear desires.  Well, now I maintain I do have faith in desires.  Because of my system of beliefs I have placed my faith in having no desires because I was lead to beief that is the way of life that most pleases God.  This my friend is a faith in a faulty system of beliefs that I will change with auto suggestion to retrain my sub conscious system of beliefs, not directed by the Divine Being I have place my ultimate faith in, but by the faulty teaching of men who taught me by precept and example a faulty system of belief, a false and harmful religion that taught me the pursuit of my desires were selfish except the desire to pursue and discover the will of God.

I choose to reject that faulty system of beliefs taught to me by men I was supposed to be able to trust, but maintain my strong devotion and faith in the Almighty God who tells me He will give me the desires of my heart and with Him all things are possible.  Of course I still believe my desires need to be shaped by the teachings of the Almighty God.  My desires do have to fall in line with the moral principles taught in scripture.  But there is no harm in setting clear desires that will help me acquire the financial means to have an impact and make a significant difference in the lives of millions!!!

Have a blessed day!

Wesley McGuire

PS.  There was no editing to this material.  I jumped straight from the shower were all these thoughts were conceived this morning, directly to the computer to type out the thoughts and now directly to the truck  i must go to go to work.  I may regret not rereading what I typed, but Bob Shoaf directly encouraged me to post lessons!  It's necessary for growth he said.  Thanks Bob!! Keep on me, I DESIRE TO GROW.  TO THINK PROPERLY AND GROW RICH.  FEEDBACK IS WELCOMED TO CONTINUE TO HELP ME IN THAT DIRECTION.