Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2017-05-10

Faith, one of the biggest lessons is learning to believe in myself. Growing up faith became known as religion believing in the higher power, that failed to understand was also needing to believe within My own goals and dreams, having that faith within myself and what was doing. It has taken some years to build that faith and belief within myself, to believe within myself and that one huge goal or dream.

When first met Jenny back in Sept 2012, I was saying to myself that the next woman who met and dated would be the one who married. The events from there showed to be true that we got together, we dated, we travelled, we got engaged, we got married, we worked on starting our family for 15 months before getting pregnant, 4 years later we are expecting our first born at any time in the next few weeks. That is faith on its own that You keep on going until.

Edwin Barnes needed faith in being in business with Thomas Edision that he just kept on going until he got the position he saught, even to jump on the train to go to meet Edision arriving at his door saying that he’d come to go into business with the inventor.

That same faith has to be found with my own business that believe in what I am doing and being a stay at home dad so much that it happens. When meet Jenny it was a 3 month break between relationships that was saying to myself that “The next woman I meet would be my wife” having no idea who Jenny was or where she lived. We were living 500 meters down the road from each other and never met.

We both drew each other to us in our own beliefs about being married just as now have to with my own business. We need to convey that faith in what we have and our products to our team and customers, that we believe so strongly in what we have. Our teams need that, in the Marine Resuce area You need to have faith in Your colleauges on the boat doing the rescue with You or Your dust and unable to help anyone.

Thank You to my amazing wonderful friends, mentors and family members Ken Klemm, Linda and Micahel Dlouhy for Your ongoing love support, encouragement and guidance  for teaching me to believe in myself and dream again. Your friend for life, thank You to my amazing wonderful wife Jenny for Your own ongoing support and encouragement, being the amazing loving wife You are.

Big hugs,

Wishing You the best from life, love, health and happiness,

Ben Drake

West Ryde NSW Australia