Think & Grow Rich Lessons
John Wiser Smyrna, TN, United States

Posted: 2017-05-10

Think and Grow Rich - Chapter 3: Faith

Faith is so much more than wishing. Unfortunately, so many people believe that is what having faith means. No, it's much more. It is actually believing that we already have what it is that we truly desire. For instance; Every day, before I get started with my normal morning - I put myself in an emotional state of where I desire to be. I sit in silence and think about the ease, the choices and the fun I am having by being financially independent. I smell the ocean as the waves crash on the shore. I smell the exhaust from my boat as I am heading out from my slip to go fishing on a Tuesday because I have the time freedom to do just that.

"Faith is the element, the 'chemical' which, when mixed with prayer, gives one direct communication with Infinite Intelligence."

This is also known as "tapping in." Tapping into infinite intelligence will allow the attraction of all of the coopertive components necessary for us to have everything that we desire. Infinite Intelligence doesn't recognize the size of our desire, instead it recognizes how much we believe that we already have it in our possession. I know, as observational creatures, this just sounds silly to the outsider. Faith is what will open our minds to all sorts of opportunities that come along in all forms. While our desire may be to have $100,000,000.00 in our bank account, rarely does money just appear out of thin air. When we truly desire something, and have the faith that we already have it... the universe will attract the right people, ideas, and everything needed to manifest these desires into reality. 

In my own experience, the universe attracts amazing people into my world every day. My mentor, Michael and all of the other Sr. Mentors that I learn from daily did not accidentally appear in my life. All of the wonderful people that I have attracted into Mentoring for Free have been such a blessing because of the life-long relationships that are being formed. I attribute all of this manifestation to my faith that my desires will manifest through inspired action.

"A mind dominated by positive emotions becomes a favorable abode for the state of mind known as faith."

Let's face it. We must persistently fill our minds with positive EMOTIONS. Now, let's look that. It's not just words. No it's the ACTUAL feelings that we feel as a result of manifesting our desire. Only faith can create these emotions. Think about this. You want infinite supply of income. Why? Not because you want to do swan dives into it like a pile of leaves... no, because of what this will allow you to do. Think about how you feel with the ease of making choices to take a 2 week trip to ANY destination in the world or to just jump in the car and drive to wherever you want to go without having to answer to anyone or have to stress the cost. Think about how that makes you feel, and hold that in your mind for 17 seconds and then watch the universe show you the way!

I don't wish I could have these things. I already have them. I am financially independent and I have the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want... because I have faith!

Because YOU Are Worth It,
John Wiser