Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Gladys Brice Dallas, TX, United States

Posted: 2017-05-09

Chapter 3 Faith
Visualization of and Belief in Attainment of Desire
The 2nd Step Toward Riches
FAITH is simply "Believing."
  Hill mentions that Faith is the state of mind which may be induced or created by affirmation or repeated instructions to the subconscious mind, through the principle of auto-suggestion.
  My Faith is stronger because of my self-talk. I'm remaining positive and yes, those negative thoughts do present themselves but, I block them by dwelling on those positive experiences I've had in my life.
 Self Talk does produce results. While living in New Jersey, our desire was to return to Texas and we are here. I looked at my vision board daily and read my goals that I wanted to achieve for the year 2016. Some of those goals were fulfilled. My remaining goals are on my new vision board.
   Along with having Faith and my daily self talk, I know that eventually, all of my goals will be reached.
  So grateful for this Mentoring for Free Program and Mastermind Group. I'm focused and intend to remain that way.
Gladys M Brice