Think & Grow Rich Lessons
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Posted: 2017-05-09

Chapter 3 , Faith

It sayswhen Faith is the head Chemist of the mind. When Faith is blended the vibration of Thought,the Subconscious Mind instantly picks up the vibration,translates it

into its SPIRITUAL  E quivlent ,and transmits it to Infinate Intelligence,as in the case of Prayer. Love and Faith are psychic, are related to the Spiritual side of man.

         I belief that love and Faith are very special between two people who start their lives together and their journey in life .My journey started 29 years ago it caame with two beautiful

children and many family members who I loved with all my heart because some have gone on to the SPIRIT WALK. We almost have three grandbabies now,I always pray and thank 

God for what we have today I  always wanted a home, hubby, children sheets,towels and blankets enough food for us to. When  I committed myself to my life time partner  I knew

he was my soul mate  because we had been together before in a different time.

Throughout my deadicated  realationship, I  have gone through many difficult times and that's where GOD'S helps me and  my partner to  be strong and work through the problem together.

This may influance   your subconscious mind with the positive or negitive emotions you are going to go through. Self-talk and friends that are close to you who may not be emotionally

evolved should be able to help.

You may go to any lenght to save your relationship, after being together for 27  years  and more because Faith can always work miracles in this world.

 Love  Marina Schmidt   Thank you  Michael  and  Linda Take Care