Think & Grow Rich Lessons
James Lombard Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

Posted: 2017-05-09

Ctrl/Cmd+V                                                                                     Faith


To change your dominant thoughts is to change your life. Thoughts which are dominant are part of your belief system and govern all your actions, reactions and values. As Hill says in his guide to self-confidence: “…the dominant thoughts of my mind will eventually reproduce themselves in outward physical action and gradually transform themselves into physical reality…”


If you decide to take full possession of your life, using the free will which is everyone’s prerogative, and frame a written life purpose, you will need faith in yourself and in that purpose. Confidence or faith in oneself has to be gradually built up, given that we are like islands in a sea of negativity. Planting healthy thought-seeds is the first step in this journey of self-realization, so that we may eventually believe in our competence to achieve the ultimate objective.


We need focus, persistence and faith to achieve our life’s purpose. We get focus by repeating our written purpose twice daily. We put ourselves in the way of achieving this purpose by repeating positive affirmations, which are based on that purpose, many times daily. This induces self-belief which, as Bob Shoaf says, convinces our subconscious minds that we are serious about our goals. It is the constant and habitual repetition of our self-talk, accompanied by mental pictures of us achieving our goals, that casts out the devils of disbelief. Do not expect it to happen immediately but, as surely as water wears stone, it will, if we persist. As Napoleon Hill says: “Repetition of affirmation of orders to your subconscious mind is the only known method of voluntary development of the emotion of faith.”


Having attained self-belief, network marketers must, if they want to be successful at creating a team of followers, infuse others with the same self-confidence. Our minds, filled with positivity and confidence, will attract other people who will transform their and our realities for the better. This will only happen, if, knowing where to find prospects who understand and want to be successful in network marketing, we use the right methods and system to attract them.


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