Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Christine Lewis-anderson Bronx, NY, USA

Posted: 2017-05-08

Chapter 3 : Faith

One of my favorite songs is , "We've Come This Far By Faith" (Leaning on the Lord...trusting in his Holy Word. He's never failed me yet.)  Everytime I count my blessings, I remember this song.

Whenever I hear of people dying young or gone too soon, I realize how blessed the rest of us are. Sometimes a person goes to bed and does not wake up the next day. This makes the rest of

us say, "I am blessed." Sometimes one ends up in the hospital for a few days. When he goes home, he feels blessed. (Too blessed to be stressed.) Whenever a person  is in a car accident

and the car is totalled; but the people survive, we say it was not their time. We do not know why cautious people lose everything, but reckless people lose nothing. It is just one of those things.

However, it happens, we just learn to appreciate what we get. Some folks attribute it to faith.


The song reminds me that, for example, my parents lived longer than many of us will. They must have had a certain degree of faith. They watched their parents live fairly long lives; which made

them look forward to old age.



Thank you Linda and Michael Dlouhy & the MFF Family