Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Adaire Murray Fernandina Beach, Florida, United States

Posted: 2017-05-06

Faith: This one is a little more personal for me. Somewhere along the way I had lost faith in myself. I let the outside world shake me up. But over the past few months I realized what I already knew… I HAVE THE POWER! I have the control to change my faith.

For so long I chose fear over faith, I chose to not believe in myself, I chose a horrible life of resistance. Let me tell you friends this is not a fun life.

We barter with life every moment. Have you bartered for poverty or riches? The Faith emotions will communicate what you want from life to your subconscious.
To believe without a doubt and know that you will succeed at your goals is faith in yourself. Can anyone else give this to you? A mentor or spiritual guide may be able to inspire you to reach this state, but you have to have the self-confidence to achieve it.
Faith is an emotional state of mind that can be created by using the principle of auto-suggestion. This is key because Faith is psychic or spiritual and creates an unstoppable force within oneself that anything can be achieved. Also, emotions are the communication that the subconscious mind understands the best.
You have to always keep reminding your subconscious of what you want. Meditation, self talk, writing it out and you have to back it by the three positive emotions, love, faith and sex. If you let your guard down and allow negative emotions along with misinformed information in, your subconscious can easily be manipulated into misfortune or “bad luck”. If you don’t get your subconscious back on the positive emotion train then you will soon go completely off track.  

You have to take the steps and continue to do them every single day.