Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ernest Tucker Rogersville, ALABAMA, United States

Posted: 2017-05-03

Chapter 2


In chapter 2 Hill teaches us the six rules to become successful in our search for riches. He begins with the way Barnes desire to become partners with Edison becomes successful.  It took Barnes five years of hard work and a burning desire to reach success but he never gave up. To reach success you must have a great WHY and a burning DESIRE Sometimes you will seam ruthless in your ways but you will succeed and you dream will come true.

I found a great product and company and I had a great why and many great friends. We had parties at my home and theirs.  We had great events many great people and I thought I had found a dream but it stopped. New products new ways same people and I was having a hard time in understanding and traveling everywhere but I was having fun but I took a fall down hill. After six or seven months now I am slowly coming back. It is going to be a hard journey but I will make it. Trying to renew  friendship and new ways is hard and my why is smaller no great riches mostly a good living and happiness. Don’t get me wrong and this 90 year old ww2 vet can still out work any 75 year old  man.

Thank you Michael and linda you are the greatest