Think & Grow Rich Lessons
nathaniel chambers Baltimore , Maryland, united states

Posted: 2017-05-03

Trying to solve the DNA of Success, is very challenging. When barnes, had that Burning Desire, to be Edison's partner. He had no, reservations, other than becoming Edison's partner. When i was woking, for my company. Just a few years before retirement, i was smashed, by my company. They took my position, from me, saying i wasn't performing my job, according, to their standards. I use my Christianity, as potential power, to get through this mishap, that had just happen in my working career. I've already had 30 years, in working for this company. To sum it up, there was no way, i was going to give up the battle. As the warrior, had mention, to his men, in one of the paragragh. The ships, are burning, we cannot, leave these shores, alive, unless we win. In order to become rich, you must think it.