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Posted: 2017-04-20

Fear of Being _Rejection -because of my Past

I'VE been living with fear sense I was a child which comes from growing up in  a disfuntional familysetting. what happen my mother was a great mom and taught us about the bible 

and about good things in life. Mother joined my fther in drinking she did not stop and our  lives changed forever  she died of alcohlicism at young age of 60.

My father drank heavey until the age 65  and then he sobered up but not before the damaged was done to us children. We as chidren feared our father because of his angry and

his moods you would never know when he was going to go and scare us again. After when my dad was sober us kids slowly started to come and see him but we and myself were still walking

on eggshells still had fear and we and my brothers are growen up.One time my baby brother got in his way  and my father threw him and the baby hit his small head and today he is almost blind.

When I became and alcoholic at the age of 15, I went through many abusive relationships because of my drinking and  drugs for a very long time of my life.

AT the ge I finally found SOMEONE greater then my self  my CREATOR who is my number 1  and  rely on him to keep my house in order. 

Now that I  am very happy that MICHEAL  and LINDA  have come into my life and all the wonderful people that are on Mentoring for FREE YOU HELP me more then you know

I was going threw a family cricis on Monday I thought my brother hd died from his cancer by supper time Ifinally got some news  and he wasaa home  and was still alive  I

LIVED IN FEAR ll day I let go of my Creator qnd I TOOK charged of everything and made my life upside down what a mess that is some thing I hve to be careful can hurt.

Thank you    Micheal  &  Linda    LOVE  Marina  Schmidt