Think & Grow Rich Lessons
John Wesley Gaddis Dolores, Colorado, United States

Posted: 2017-04-19

To me just about any reason we fail to achieve a goal is because of indesicion, doubt and fear.  This causes us to stay in our comfort zone.

Even if that comfort zone is not our ultimate desires because it is what we know and are use too.  I also find that the transition from indesicion to fear can be very rapid.

I associate indesicion, doubt and fear with a solid, liquid and gas.  A solid such as ice can change into ice without first becomming a liquid.  To many times I see where my lack of action is related to the fear of 

picking up the phone and calling a lead or someone in my warm market.  I find I can usually convince myself that I need to study the 2 minute story script one more time before dialing their number.

By doing this I am using the need to study as an alabi for procrastonating.  I have to drive it into my subconscious that taking action is the best practice, because it allows me to talk to a live person and it could end with me having a new business partner.