Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Paul Raezer Hephzibah, GA, United States

Posted: 2017-04-19

In chapter 15, Napoleon Hill addresses fear, an enemy I have been all too familiar with for the majority of my life.

I believe my tendency to create fear is a product of my belief system, most of which goes back to my childhood. Beliefs such as "I am not good enough", or, "People will laugh at me", or " I can't get too close to this person or I will get hurt". Such beliefs are all too common among people, and yet in reality, they have no substance, they are in fact a fabrication constructed in our minds, based on some painful experiences suffered in our past, and when we approach future situations in aticiption of a similar outcome, we are in fact manifesting that outcome which  we truly wish to avoid!

In essence fear becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, but as MFF teaches us, through proper self talk we can shatter the illusions of fear, by replacing our thoughts of lack and self doubt with thoughts of abundace and inner strength. Fear is simply a set of bad habits to be broken and replaced with better habits. So, we must all love ourselves by practicing our self talk, and taking action to step out of our comfort zone at every opportunity.

Paul Raezer, Hephzibah,GA.