Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ethel Van Zanten Tucson,, Arizona, USA

Posted: 2017-04-19

Chapter 15-How to Outwit the Six Ghosts of Fear

As I view my life, I know that I have let Fear be a part of it.  If I really looked at what I was afraid of I could talk myself out of it because fear is False evidence appearing real.  
There were two different experiences that I had during my life that in conquering this Fear I was not successful.  One was when I played the Clarinet and I was assigned to do a solo.  Every time I had this as a part of my training I did not do a very good job.  I have learned that the main reason this happened was that I was not prepared or I was afraid that I would goof and make a mistake.  

Recently I have read a part of the book, “You’ll see it when you believe it.”  by Wayne Dyer.  This really sounded great to me but in the past  I didn’t believe it.

I would like to share what Mr.Dyer says in this book of how this Fear or attitude can be erased from our conscientness.  He talks about seven principles that we need to keep in mind. They are:

       1.Time does not exist.  We must forget about time and take time to enjoy life.Live in the NOW as Michael says.
        2.There is no beginning and no end.  Savor every moment you are here and be thankful.  When we are no longer a part of this world we will still have thoughts.
       3.There is not cause and effect.  You are a human being not a human doing. A decision you made years ago does not effect what you are doing today.
        4.Every obstacle that you encounter is an opportunity.When people do unkind things to you remember that they aren’t talking to the REAL you.
        5.You create everything that you experience.  The way you react to situations etc.
         6.Our reactions to our experiences are real but we create the people who cause these reactions.  It is only our perspective.
          7.Watch how you react to situations and realize that is not you.  I remember when I was young and my younger brother would act out we used to say “this is not Bill I am talking to: it must be his twin brother, Bob. “ I think it helped to make him realize he was not being his true self.  

These seven principles really make a lot of sense to me now even though I have read this book many times in the past.
Thank you all for letting me share.

Ethel Van Zanten
Tucson, Arizona