Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Richard Burnett Spanish Fort, Alabama, USA

Posted: 2017-04-19

Well I have definitely had some aha moments in this lesson although they have come primarily from reading my mastermind partners posts and I’m so thankful for them for another opinion in addition to Mr Hills. One was Tuula Rand’s point about how the fear of criticism is probably the the biggest one we face and I wholeheartedly agree. Especially to a person who has been put down all their life by an authority person in their life like a parent. Like my child with her mother, Like Michael Dloughy and his mother. If you don’t recognize it as A LIE like Michael did at a young age ( and most don’t ) and choose what you believe ( your thoughts ) you are doomed for fear of criticism haunting you until the point you choose to work through it. Fortunately for him he had another thought to choose to believe from his Aunt Honey that was a POSITIVE one. As I was talking with Tuula last week I made a comment about a young woman doing a video for her business. All through the video she is telling her young child to go back in the house. She gets up from the video at one point and goes to take care of business with the child and comes back to the camera like it was not a big deal, not rattled at all. I was blown away. Tuula tells me that she is tremendously successful because she is just being herself and doesn’t care what others think..Bingo…huge lesson learned! For me when I shoot a video I think everything in it has to be perfect and professional AND IT DOESN’T. If you are trying to be something you are not and trying to be what YOU THINK they want then you will not have that attraction to others. They want to see the real you. So last night when I came in from work I just shot one of me in the kitchen making a drink I like and being myself and felt much better about it. It felt so much more natural than having every word perfect. Yes, I forgot to mention a couple of things I wanted to say because it wasn’t scripted and rehearsed but the important thing was I DIDN’T CARE what they thought. I’m trying to get into my brain daily what Bob Shoaf always says that he learned from Michael and that’s It doesn’t matter what others think about me, it’s what I think about myself…when I get that point FULLY from my head to my heart look out!


Well I was going to make several points but when I started with that one it seemed to dominate but the other big one was about the word ghosts. I loved the point that Celeste Smucker made which is this “And this is in spite of the fact that in most cases, the fear is not is an illusion, which is why Hill calls it a ghost. A ghost is something with no substance that haunts us nonetheless.  And when we allow ourselves to be haunted by ghosts, our self-confidence suffers and we can easily fall into the state of despair  and the lack of hope that the quote describes.” Just one little aha out of an outstanding lesson.


Thank you to Linda and Michael Dloughy for believing in me and for all my mastermind partners that I feed off of and learn from each week. I could read and study this book for the rest of my life by myself but never have the results that I would have without the input that I get from my mastermind partners and for this platform that the Dloughy's have provided I'm eternally grateful because what I get from them is multiplied hundreds of times from what I could draw from myself alone. I can read the lesson that Hill provides and learn but still be stumped on what to write for my lesson until I start reading the lessons from my partners, that's when the ideas start to flow, that's the magic!


Rick Burnett

Spanish Fort, Al.