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robert tucker Bay Point, California, United States

Posted: 2017-04-17

TheSix Ghost Of Fear

This a very nice chapter that helps us know ourselves better,and to help many grow stronger

day by day. I like the heading under the topic it says that we are to; "Take Inventory of who

we are and learn how to face the Ghosts from within." Mr. Hill says that theSixth Sense

will never operate untill these three negatives, or any of them be removed from the mind.

Many today know that these three negativies are a downfall to all who focus on these three

everyday and they must be removed before reaching success.

The Mind Muse Be ready To Receive A Newness

Mr. Hill starts off with this truth is that no one can put any portion of philosophy of good

use into the mind the mind must be ready at all times to recieve this knowledge. He says

that the spotlight must be turned on to the cause and the cure of the six basic fears.We

must know about a thing before we'll be able find and fix the need for our success,and

stay focus all the time. Hill also tells us that Fear are nothing more than states of mind,

we need to change how we think everything that comes into our thought the Bible  tells

us to transform how we think and to think like God when it comes to anything we face.

This is a good lesson on how to reach a much more strong awareness of who we are.


Robert Tucker, Bay point Ca,