Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kirsten Tucker Chattanooga, TN, USA

Posted: 2016-02-03

Chapter 12 The Subconscious Mind

In regard to this weeks chapter, I have not kept up my usual blog postings and goings on with social media.

No, I have been spending my time working on the emotions surrounding my greatest desire.  

We, of course have many ongoing simultaneous desires, but there is always one that is at the forefront.

Mine is drawing up within me emotions of both joy, easy, giddiness but also a great deal of resistance.  A feeling in my throat, almost akin to an overwhelming emotional feeling of gratitude but mixed with a bit of…disbelief, unworthiness, and “its too big”.  

I reduce my desires to writing as a meditative exercise, I spend five days on a desire, having written it down in such a way to be completely positive, or as a gratitude as if it was already realized.  Then I write this line, again and again about 55 times. It’s a ritual people do.

It is here, as I am writing that I feel the resistance.

Yet, when I dream and live in my mind the reality of my desires, I feel wonderful, empowered and deserving.

Some days, I feel 10 feet tall and bullet proof after the writing meditation.  Others, it a lighter sense but almost like a fight between the fun of reality and the doubt.

I certainly keep my subconscious feed with more positive than negative.  

I do my “stop it” and reroute the thoughts.  The teeter totter of Good thoughts vs. Bad thoughts is always my goal.  

Last night, I focused after my 5x55 meditation on writing, filling up the rest of the page, affirmations of my worthiness, my deserving, what my desire would relieve and bring to me.  It felt so much better to add these positives to the resistance.

I’ll say here, what a friend from a FB group shared yesterday, particularly about resistance, which stems very much from our subconscious habits…

“For anyone feeling blocked or limited:

I've been thinking about resistance lately. We tend to judge resistance as bad, but I realized it's not bad at all. We all have desires that haven't manifested, right? And manifestation occurs when you harmonize with the vibration of your desires. So that means that any time we feel a new desire burst forth, we're instantly in a place of new resistance, because the person we WANT to be (our Higher Self) has expanded whereas the person we ARE (our human self) hasn't quite caught up yet. In this way, life IS resistance. It will always be there, shifting from one form to another as you grow and release old ways of being.

Abraham-Hicks calls this "life in the gap" or "living in the crack." It's the space between wanting and becoming, the space where we release and align until manifestation, at which point we have an evolved perspective from which to desire even greater and grander things. For some desires, it may only take five minutes to catch up with our expanded Higher Self. For other desires, it may require some stepping-stone experiences to help sculpt us into the people we want to become. But the amount of time it takes only depends on the amount of resistance we allow ourselves to release.

Maybe we spend too much time trying to banish our resistance, or judging ourselves too harshly for feeling blockages in our energy. If you are feeling blocked today, remember that you are loved and worthy, and that resistance arises naturally as part of your soul's evolution. It doesn't make you bad; it doesn't mean you're not doing it right; it doesn't mean your desires are too big or too bold. In fact, the grander your desires, the more contrast there is between your current self and your Higher Self, and the more resistance you might initially feel. Say thank you for your emotional guidance, and appreciate your resistance for illuminating that which no longer serves you.

You are good. You are loved. Your resistance is natural, and your intention to harmonize with your bliss is all you need to allow that resistance to shift. Please don't judge yourself and - this is key - don't label yourself as "blocked" just because you haven't become your future self yet. There is always space in your Now to release and align, and maybe the bulk of the blockage you're feeling is really just having resistance.

Much love to all of you! “  D.N. Frost Canfield


I got nothing more...she said it perfect!

Cheers and love,

Kirsten Tucker, Chattanooga TN