Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Bird Torrance, Ca, USA

Posted: 2017-03-22


Think and grow Rich – The Mastery of Sex Mutation


by Michael Bird


What is the most effective way to live and bring forth your gifts to succeed?


Napoleon Hill writes:


There is no other road to Genius than through through voluntary self effort. A man may attain great heights of financial or business achievement, solely by driving force of sex energy, but history is filled with evidence that he may, and usually does, carry with him certain traits of character which rob him of the ability to either hold or enjoy his fortune.


We all have the gift and power of genius within us. It's an energy and heartfelt desire to create the extraordinary. It is up to us to unearth it and use our blind faith heartfelt desire to bring to life the things we say are valuable and of what we want to create in our every day lives.


The question is how do I properly use my energy or essence of power to gain the life I so much want to have.


Napoleon Hill talks about the importance of the application of his most important success principles of Sex Transmutation to turn up the energy in a proper manner to access to our sixth sense or higher intelligence and the genius which is available


I know for me I have gone through much transformation in my life time and its been much like a dimmer switch experience of transmuting from a young ignorant young man to being a more enlightened man who chooses to make a difference and have what I do matter. I have been willing to be teachable and at times painstakingly on a journey to be more effective of how to think and not what to think.


My experience has shown me that I have been caught up in the doing of life by my parents, teachers, society etc rather than the being authentic of who I'm truly am and want to be. This has not always served me and has me thirsty for a deeper more understanding of life and those around me. What do I mean?


In network marketing it is not enough to just join a company based on hype or the word of those who have shared the opportunity with me. The method of impulse buying and making money its much much more and can be deceptive.


People who volunteer to join a network marketing company. including myself. want to have a heart felt life purpose of security and make a difference theirs and other peoples lives and see the vision of owning their own destiny. Many see the pitch of making money from home growing to a lifestyle of freedom and better choices for them and their family,


Many are left disappointed, skeptical and bitter due to the short sided leadership and mostly unskilled efforts for those who want this dream to come true.


Although many will join for the opportunity more we will stay for the people and the emotional personal growth of our personal lives and yes make money if they are shown the proper way to do so.


Hill talks about this in the above paragraph that certain traits of character which rob him of the ability, or to enjoy his fortune.” Well if you are shown the incorrect way how could you possibly succeed?


So how do I not get burned or waste my time in the network marketing today? And how can I take these failures and transmute them into a successful career as a professional network marketer?


How do I get into the right company and know that I am in a long term company that will stay in business and pay me me for my efforts for life? Or how do I really work this program to make money and build a future for my family myself and those I share it with?


If the promise to make money is there and the real message of caring and helping others to succeed is part of my message to bring people into my business than 80% of the work is in motion. It,s a people business.


The next part is education and showing my business partners a team environment and how to succeed and with the proper tools.


At mentoring for free we have these tools:


We have the benefit of a man who would not quit the network marketing business 40 years ago who not only is successful today and has created wealth but he has humbly used himself as a pathway for others to learn from his mistakes and research through unwavering due diligence to find the correct way on “How to think” and be in a successful network marketing company


Thankfully for us he has designed and written these experiences and insights in the E-books and created simple to easy use websites to access the information and most importantly an interactive master mind team forum to ask questions and learn all there is to learn to be successful


Some of theses tools are


Success in 10 Steps E book

The 5 Pillars of a successful network marketing company

The Colors Personality Training on how to relate and work with the rainbow of peoples personalities successfully.


The most effective tool Michael has created is the 10 live skills calls each week, where I can engage for FREE, just my personal time with other successful people who want to Transmute themselves into brilliant and rich successful lives.


The results are astounding and the growth I have experienced in all areas has been amazingly fun and has changed my entire perspective and approach to living. The main thing I am in touch with the blind side of myself and how I am waking up to the possibility of dreams coming true and how I can be useful and successful for myself and others


The most important thing is I am practicing the proven principles of Think and Grow Rich and have more clarity than ever before.


I can see more clearer the way to living effective and owning my own time and energy is through slowing down the chatter and visiting with myself to make the right choices.


Finally the Mentoring for Free forum and the tools and skills I am learning has brought me out from their dark side of living and allowed me to thrive and succeed like never before.


The key to reformation or inventing a whole new life comes through the heart and the desire to change - or the emotional side of a yearning to have something better than I have had the key to Sex transmutation is taught to us


First have a Desire - Dream it up ...have energy and a true desire that out weighs all other thoughts ideas or feelings.


Write down specifically what those dream are


Read em twice daily


Develop a potent self talk that is aligned with those Dreams


Get coaching and feedback


Participate in the Mentoring Forum Free master mind calls including writing lessons.


Don't quit and be here a year from then a year from then too


Focus on what you want ...not on what you dont want. Dont even bring up what you don't want as it doesn't exist. Just think and go forward. with what you truly want.


Go for your dreams - Life is short and the opportunity is NOW


Thanks for joining me at the summit and the top of the world.


This is the best I have ever been and the best is yet to come


All of this positive attitude is the transmuting of the lifes energy of the life I say is worth living.


Michael Bird