Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Richard Burnett Spanish Fort, Alabama, USA

Posted: 2017-03-22

It seems to me that the power of sex transmutation is the power to leverage when channeled in the right direction.


Whether it is used negatively or positively it multiplies the outcome.


Hill also says that most successful people have that power.


I think about so many people in politics, presidents, congressmen that have that gift but use it in the wrong way.


I also notice this in the entertainment industry. It seems the majority of actors and actresses have a long list of relationships, marriages are very short and discarded like wet paper towels. When mixed with drugs and alcohol that lifestyle leads to the negative spiral and eventual destruction if actions are not drastically changed.


We here at MFF are focused on the positive side thank goodness and when we have that positivity multiplied and leveraged….LOOK OUTthere is no limit to what we can accomplish.


Rick Burnett