Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Celeste Smucker Nellysford, VA, United States

Posted: 2017-03-21

Chapter 11, The Mystery of Sex Transmutation

Most people live their lives on default, reacting to whatever happens to them (often in a negative way) and not realizing they have any power to live life on other terms, to choose not to be a victim.  The alternative is to recognize our connection with Infinite Intelligence and live life by inspiration, choosing to follow the hunches that come via the sixth sense and welcoming the outcome without judgment even if it is not what we expected.

Hill tells us that our direct link to Infinite Intelligence is via creative imagination and to access it we need to use emotion to step up brain action in order to lift us "far above the horizon of ordinary thought," so that we can "envision distance, scope, and quality of thought not available on the lower plane..."  In other words, emotional energy can open our minds  to ideas we could never imagine otherwise, and certainly not if we are living as a victim by default. 

All of us have experienced this on one of our weekly calls.  I always keep pen and paper nearby when I get on a call because the emotion generated by the high energy of the group mind often stimulates  good ideas and hunches and I race to write them down so as not to forget. Or sometimes I make new connections and share them, contributing to the group effort.

Inspiration can also happen when I read an uplifting book or listen to a podcast, especially if it triggers a higher level of excitement or enthusiasm about a particular topic.  And of course, that is when the hunches follow.  Sometimes these hunches take me in an entirely new direction in some aspect of my life or my business, or something that has been eluding me suddenly gets clear.  Or I get a great idea for a Facebook ad or blog post, or even a thought about someone I need to call as soon as possible.

Sometimes I get a hunch about someone who may be interested in some information I have discovered like new research about a supplement that may benefit a family member with a health challenge, or a piece of inspiration for someone going through a tough time.  Often I ask them before I share the idea to be sure they really are interested and discover it is just what they needed to hear at that moment.  As Michael often says on these calls, " I don't know why I'm sharing this but someone needed to hear it today."  In those situations we become a messenger, the source of the hunch they needed to hear.

On other occasions I have received a hunch to move in a certain direction thinking to myself "this is it, finally the answer I need," only to discover I didn't end up where I thought I would.  A number of years ago I moved into what I thought was a long term rental situation that was just perfect, only to find myself looking for another place to live less than six months later, and then it happened again, and one more time until finally I found a place to live that was way better than the rest that served me well for many years.  But it would not have been available prior to when I actually moved in, and along the way I also made some connections and contacts I would never have made otherwise.  I've learned it's best not to judge, that the Universe is smarter than I am.

My job is to stay positive and tap into group energy and other sources that help raise my vibration to where I can be inspired enough to get the hunches I need, then act on what I receive.  The results may be astounding, or not, but either way I am on track.

Celeste Smucker, Nellysford, VA