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Michael Dennis Charlotte, North Carolina, United States Of America

Posted: 2017-03-17

There is so much to unpack in this chapter that knowing where to start this week is challenging this chapter is called the mystery of Sex Transmutation as it is a mystery most people are not looking for because they do not know of its existence. According to hill most men do not discover or use this power consciously or unconsciously.


If a man discovers the power of sex transmutation it is usually after the age of forty. And Hill says that some people will live an entire lifetime without ever using this great power/. Many people are chained to habits of seeking clothes, shelter, and food, that they have robbed themselves of that opportunity to do great things in their lives,


some men have their names written in the annals of history, and others are left in obscurity never spoken about again. The discovery of the power of the emotion of sex and the ability to transmute is will lift a person from every day to the level of genius. Hill says that a man can interact with infinite intelligence when the mind is stimulated to the highest rate of vibration when sex, love, and romance are mixed together. This lifts a one to a plane where he has access to creative intelligence up from the level of synthetic Intelligence.


So why do we need to lift our consciousness to that level up from Synthetic intelligence? In order, to do something that has never been done the pioneer has no reference to pull from so he needs another source. While we can gain things from the ether, the other brains of men and our own reservoir if intelligence, experience, and native ability. But it may not be sufficient to complete the plans and it becomes a need to access Infinite Intelligence to complete the blank spots of the completed goal.


But we must be careful to understand the Sex and love balances out this desire. Without love, man will do destructive things to themselves and the people around them. Men will indulge in behaviors that may destroy them, wanton sexual escapades putting them at risk for disease and death at the hand of a woman another lover. They may indulge in alcohol and drugs. And the man with a high sex nature mixed with love cares about himself and others so they will not do ill-willed things against them. They won't walk away from their families but remain steadfast in commitment.


The woman who is aware of these will learn to use this information to nourish the man and thereby keep him.


I would have never had known about this except for Mentoring For Free. This is an amazing concept to learn to wield as a swordsman wields a sword with accuracy and precision. So it behooves us to meditate upon the positive emotions remembering that any one negative emotion is more powerful than all the positive emotions combined.


I have found the gold mine determined not to stop 3 feet from this gold. This time around this chapter spoke volumes to me than at any other time. It tells me I am ready to be more. Going from afraid of a telephone to being able to pick it up and have fun speaking with people amazes me. Without Mentoring For free, I'd have lived with that fear, a destructive emotion, for the rest of my life.


My deep and wide gratitude to our awesome and tremendous leaders who are the greatest examples we could have ever had. They tell us the truth no matter how we take it or what we might think about them. That takes courage and a lack of ego. The fact that Mentoring For Free is FREE is a testament t o a lack of greed. Truly we see a living example of the principle of this chapter. Thank you, Linda and Michael Dlouhy I am forever indebted to you for your sacrifices because you love us so much that you endured what you endure to ensure we have what we need to success.


As always every time I find greater value in our mastermind than anything I could have ever dreamed of. (But I can now) I truly love you for your sacrifices. To all our leaders who help ease the load for them you are greatly appreciated. Continue to stand by them. To everyone who endeavors to be on the call and especially to those who have and continue to add value to our calls I thank you with my whole heart. My life would never be as great as it is if not for you.


Always let your success be your fault as you reach out and help others to succeed.


With all my love

Michale Dennis

Charlotte NC