Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2017-03-15


growing up I was unaware of what power a mastermind group held, the power that the family,  acquaintances and relationships taught about building relationships, healthy friendships, a healthy lifestyle, lifestyle habits, this where learnt a lot of those habits that have spent the last 10 years working to change and improve over the years. masterminding with those who have learnt those skills to achieve their goals and dreams allowing them to become worth more as a friend.

I was needing to learn new skills to build better relationships owing to failing to learn those skills during childhood. can you learn to build a relationship or friendship from someone who is incapable of doing that themselves, unfortunately not. they will teach You their way of building a relationship which is unsuccessful and You will keep on failing at building those relationships and friendships with those in Your life. its like driving a manual car for the first time when You have only ever driven an automatic, You will start the car ok and go to drive keeping on stalling owing being unaware how to work the gears without someone there to guide You who has driven a manual car a few times. it was the same with a number of areas of my own life, that learnt the wrong thinking and skills growing up being unaware of changing that personally, that was how they continued throughout own life.

I have always wanted to have a number of friends, sometimes it was easy and a breeze to create that friendship and talk with someone like we were in sync and able to talk. other times they were forced and unflowing, it took learning from this marvellous mastermind group to create those fantastic friendships, learning to feel safe being open again as everytime have opened up its pushed someone away, working with the mastermind group to learn those skills needed to build those friendships. After always wanting to have friends it has taken years to realise yes I am able to be a friend and have friends, that I am also physically safe around others and I am able to say look that is not on. as well as people are going to stick around like my amazing wonderful wife Jenny who has been with me for over 4 years now, we’ve been married over 2 years and now expecting our firstborn son in May 2017.

Its leed me to learn more about being that father who always wanted to be, as well as learning those new skills like financial intelligence, relationship building, woodworking, health and wellness, even being a husband to Jenny all of those skills had to be learnt and repeated regularly through practice, thanks to the amazing mentoring for free mastermind for helping to build those skills. it has been through working with a mastermind group learning those new skills to change many habits.

we have our own mastermind group here at mentoring for free that we are free to ask questions and learning to build our businesses. we can learn those relationship building skills allowing us to learn to build better relationships, along with building better advertising.

our mastermind group is our reference group. we can learn a lot from our mastermind group that we can learn our basic relationship building skills, our health and lifestyle habits, how to build a business or a model railway.

whilst planning to build our own businesses we can use the mentoring for free mastermind group to ask any questions about getting our businesses going and to grow as a person to become worth more. we may need to learn to build better relationships and to create more stable relationships with those within our lives as we have come to expect disappointment from those relationships which have been throughout our lives.

Thank You to my amazing wonderful friends, mentors and family Linda and Michael Dlouhy for Your ongoing love, support and encouragement, along with my personal mentor Ken Klemm for You constant guidance. Thank You to my amazing wife for life Jenny for Your ongoing support, thanks to the most amazing mastermind that could ever ask for here at mentoring for free.

Your friend for life,

Ben Drake

West Ryde NSW Australia