Think & Grow Rich Lessons
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Posted: 2017-03-14

Chapter 10 Power of the Mastermind  

 Power is an essential for success in the accumulation of money. Power maybe defined as organized and intelligently directed knowledge.

We can examine the three sources of knowledge which are

a) Infinate Intelligence this sort of knowledge can be contacted in the procedure chapter of this book with the aid of Creative Imagination.

b) Accumulated Experience is a important part  may be found in  a public library and taught in public schools. 

c)Experiment and Research in Science and every walk of life the men and women are gathering and organizing new facts daily.

In this research the Creative Imagination must be used.

Energy isNature's universal set of buliding Blocks which she  constructs every  material thing in the universe  including man, women, animal, and vegetable life.

THE brain functions in a simular fashion this accounts for some brains are more efficient then others .Now  a few wordsabout Henry Ford  who at the time mastered

his 3 handi caps within 25 years and became very whealthy and a personal friend to  THOMAS A. EDISON. Together with  other Powerfu of mindsl men each man had

a great brain capcity and Power was Produce through friendly alliance of MINDS.

It states that every man that has accumlated a great forture will recognize the Existence of thisStream of Life.          

Thank you   Michael               Marina