Think & Grow Rich Lessons
robert tucker Bay Point, California, United States

Posted: 2017-03-14


This is a wonderful topic in this chapter Persistence. Persistence is an essential factor towards anyone's desire toward any monetary equivalent.

The Bible says that Faith is the substance of things desired when one knowes what they want in life, there is an old saying I remember as a child,

" Where there is a will there is a way" I really didn't understand being a child what that ment until I reached adulthood. You have to have  a will

and a desire to reach any dream or goal set in order to get what you want. the topic says that with persistence that "Will-power and desire" is

an irresistible pair and you need these two working together hand in hand.


It says that you can't have it if you don't reach out and get it, you must have a desire to obtained the prize that you so want. The lack of Persistence

is one of the biggest cause of most failures in life, it's a weekness of your faith if you don't act or believe what you know that you have a desire for

you must put fort an effort to build up lack so that you can have what you desire. One way that you can have help is with your "MASTER MIND

GROUP" and with each member you can achieve persistense.Breaking old habits isn't easy that why you need to be with people who have reached

success with using persistence reaching their dreams.


Will we have Failures at times yet that's ok they willl never overcome you as long as you know that you have the will-power to succeed and don't

quit just because it's not working at the moment yet climb over ever roadblock and go forward toward the desire using persistence never giving up 

just know what you must do to win. Training yourself using persistence because it's how you see, how you feel about your desire,learn how to 

cultivate your persistence using  your faith by knowing what you want stay focus on your desire and your why it will be wonderful when what you

desire arrives.

Robert Tucker,Bay Point Ca, United States