Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Leslie Orm Olivehurst, CA, usa

Posted: 2017-03-13

The power of the mastermind:

This lesson is very powerful, like Napolean hill has said many times in the chapter and book,one can not aquire wealth,power or wisdom at that,to attempt to go it alone is a fools errand, and all of us are anything but.

There are numerous facets,but some simple procedures if you will to engage in a mastermind, I mean afterall it only takes two or more individuals to form a mastermind, out of which comes a third and more powerful ideas, thoughts and so forth forming a "mastermind"

the mastermind can start as an idea, dream,vision, or whatever, then from there one can enlist the help of others to discuss, and seek consensus, so as to move fwd on a dream, idea and so forth.

Now for me personally, I have grown and learned so much from the saturday night mastermind call, hosted by Michael and Linda,I have learned alot, I am starting to apply what I have learned from the calls more and more in my life to help others as well as myself, this said I can personally attest to the power ofthe mastermind, it works no two ways about it, but more to this one MUST apply what is learned, head knowledge is useless..

To Michael&Linda, I appreciate you more than words can express.


Leslie Orm