Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2017-03-11

The power of the mastermind group is the following:  You must create a plan and take action. Plans are useless without taking massive action. What I learned from this chapter this time around is that you must be selective of who you are masterminding with. Take advice from people who have built previously a downline. If someone has not built a downline then WHY are you taking advice from them? STOP. You must be like Henry Ford who masterminded with Thomas Edison, Luther Burbank and Henry Firestone. There is a section in Success In Ten Steps. If you want to be a millionaire then mastermind with millionaires. If you want to mastermind with people who make $30,000 per year then stick with them.

You have to be someone who is attracting leaders NOT followers. Prospects can sense if you are just a follower by the tone of your voice. They are NOT stupid. You must have posture. Its no different than being desperate. If you are not learning new skills and putting them into action then prospects can tell by your voice that you are desperate. They can tell from who is a leader to whom is not a leader.

Take what your mentors teach you and use it. Because as it says when you log-in to the mentoring for free system. That knowledge is power only if its to be working in your life.

Lawrence Bergfeld