Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Leigh Skead Proserpine, Queensland, Australia

Posted: 2016-02-03

The Subconscious Mind                  The Connecting Link

As a plant is to soil is how I vision our subconscious to the universal intelligence. The plant is organic (alive) the soil is inorganic (dead), how does the plant absorb the minerals/nutrients that it needs.  The universal intelligence is the inorganic with the minerals/nutrients (knowledge) that we (the organic being) desire, how do we access it.

A powerful time for me to access the universal intelligence is when I have daily silence or meditation, cocooned in my egg shape of love.  But then I have to make a conscious effort of being aware of my thoughts during the rest of the day otherwise the silence can take me 10 steps forwards and the negative thoughts can take me 12 steps backwards.

Our subconscious contains our life blueprint. Sadly making changes to our blueprint is not as easy as erasing the lines we no longer want and drawing in all the new lines. Instead it takes conscious effort of intentionally replacing a negative emotion or a thought motivated by any of the 7 negative emotions and deliberately replacing it with one of 7 positive emotions.

Ok this sounds simple enough BUT what are you thinking when you are not conscious of what you are thinking. Is this when the negative thinking creeps in once again. This is where I like to focus on one emotion for a week, lets pick DESIRE, I look for examples of this in everyday life. The baby bird calling out, wanting to be fed, as it has a hunger because it has a desire for life. I study the woman looking at the new clothes imaging how the new dress would change her, like a magic wand, maybe she desires to be an authority, or to be seen as elegant, or to be seen as sexy. Why do I go looking for examples of DESIRE … the more I can identify Desire everywhere I go, the more I am expanding the desire memory held in every cell within my body. This exercise also helps me attach new emotions or emotional pictures to ‘desire’. This helps my subconscious to better understand the new values/habits I have for Desire and not the limiting/limited values I inherited. It also helps my subconscious realise the abundance of the particular emotion I am focusing on.

What you focus on grows. What you forget about atrophies.


Thank you each and everyone of you for empowering us through your sharing.

Leigh Skead